What to Expect on Sunday Morning

Our Sunday's begin with a NO COST fellowship breakfast at 9:30 in the Fellowship Hall. The menu changes each week but include things like eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, hash browns, quiche and of course Coffee and juice.

After breakfast you can take your coffee and bagel with you as you attend one of our Sunday School classes which begins at 10am. We currently have an adults class, a youth class, a children's class who all meet in the Fellowship Hall. Upstairs, there is a senior's class which meets across from the Pastor's Office.

Our worship begins at 11am and we are very casual and informal, with a service that can be described as traditional with some contemporary mixed in. We sing the traditional hymns of the church as a congregation and we enjoy the more traditional music of our adult choir, as well as more contemporary music from our praise and worship group.

When you visit, we just ask that you complete a visitor card located in the pew back and place in the offering plate, or give to Pastor Jim as he greets you at the conclusion of the service. As we worship we are ever mindful that God loves to hear His people fellowship with one another through laughter and tears. We are also mindful that our wi-fi bandwidth can be spotty and difficult to get along with sometimes which can make things somewhat humorous. We embrace technology completely, the good and the bad.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday. God Bless